1. Electron & New Relic Integration Using Open Telemetry

    Date Published March 17th, 2023  Reading Time 7 Minutes


    Introduction Recently I encountered a scenario where I needed to integrate New Relic into my Electron application. New Relic supports a number of integration types our the box, some of the more heavily used ones are, APM Agents - Primary used for backend tracking, most of the documentation will…

    1. electron
    2. new-relic
    3. open-telemetry
    4. tracing
    5. logging
    6. jaeger
    7. otlp
    8. ipc-channel
  2. Why every developer needs to use Obsidian

    Date Published May 23rd, 2021  Reading Time 8 Minutes

    Obsidian Logo

    As a engineer learning new languages, tools frameworks etc is just part and parcel of the job. Over time the spectrum of knowledge a full stack engineer has to learn has increased dramatically. Maintaining a cognitive memory across all the different CLI's, languages/frameworks etc in today's setting…

    1. obsidian
    2. research
    3. notes
    4. markdown
    5. ownership
    6. mermaid
    7. git
    8. knowledge-graph
    9. ide
    10. plantuml
    11. open-graph
  3. How to Deconstruct objects in C# like we do in Javascript

    Date Published April 8th, 2021  Reading Time 1 Minutes


    I've been using C# for about a decade now, and every now and again I discover something that surprises me. This week it's the ability to deconstruct as we do in Javascript (and I'm not talking about using Tuples!). Below is a simple example of deconstruction taking place to draw out the power, and…

    1. c#
    2. javascript
    3. deconstruction
    4. syntax
    5. .net
  4. ASP.NET GraphQL server with Hot Chocolate

    Date Published April 4th, 2021  Reading Time 11 Minutes

    GraphQL With Hot Chocolate

    Starting my journey with GraphQL Up till now, I've always heavily relied on RESTfull services to power API's, this recently got widened with GRPC which you can read about in my article .NET & GRPC What they forgot to tell you. GraphQL was the third final frontier that needed exploring 🥾...until now…

    1. graphql
    2. hotchocolate
    3. graphql-voyager
    4. asp.net
    5. authentication
    6. authorization
    7. versioning
    8. rest
    9. chilli-cream
    10. logging
    11. open-telemetry
    12. banana-cake-pop
  5. Adding environments to ASP.NET Core with React.js SPA

    Date Published January 19th, 2021  Reading Time 10 Minutes

    .env + dotnet core

    Recently I started working on a project that was created from the ASP.NET SPA template for react. It's one of the templates you get by default with dotnet and can be created by running dotnet new react. The template creates a dotnet webapp which is designed to be an API backend and links it with a…

    1. react
    2. spa
    3. asp.net
    4. dotnet core
    5. environments
    6. env-cmd
    7. shx
    8. template
    9. msbuild
    10. .env
  6. My journey of creating a .NET CLI tool

    Date Published December 18th, 2020  Reading Time 10 Minutes

    Az Lazy

    Why I started building a CLI As a .NET engineer, I work with Azure storage a lot, its versatility, ease of use, as well as cost makes it a common staple amongst developers. Its application is also widespread from leveraging queues on a basic console app to storing uploaded images from a web…

    1. cli
    2. azure
    3. queues
    4. table-storage
    5. containers
    6. blob
    7. azure-storage
    8. dotnet-tools
    9. az-lazy
    10. console
    11. commandline
    12. dotnet-tools
  7. .NET & GRPC What they forgot to tell you

    Date Published September 7th, 2020  Reading Time 11 Minutes

    GRPC Logo

    As an engineer, I have always had a heavy reliance on REST'ful API's for passing information between applications. With the introduction of open API specification now in version 3.0.3, integration has never been easier. The push to break monoliths into microservices has further boosted its usage…

    1. grpc
    2. .net
    3. c#
    4. asp.net
    5. grpc-web
    6. rest
    7. nswag
    8. proto-files
    9. nuget
    10. grpc-reflection
    11. bloomrpc
  8. Evolving your Windows Terminal using Powershell libraries

    Date Published July 24th, 2020  Reading Time 5 Minutes

    Windows Terminal Icon

    As a windows user the terminal experience has always been lacking, up till the new windows terminal was released. Incorporating WSL (Windows Subsystem for Lynx) really helped bridge that gap as it opens up console experience that makes use of apt-get use the plethora of packages available. Having…

    1. powershell
    2. wsl
    3. windows-terminal
    4. powershell-gallery
  9. GatsbyJS SEO and Open Graph with Helmet

    Date Published July 11th, 2020  Reading Time 9 Minutes


    I recently recreated my blog in GatsbyJs, you can download a template of it here gatsby-techblog-starter. In the joy of sharing its simplicity to the world, I tweet about my intro article with a link to my website. To my dismay, I noticed the tweet was lacking a lot of formatting and information on…

    1. helmet
    2. twitter
    3. seo
    4. linked-data
    5. gatsbyjs
    6. json-ld
    7. open-graph
  10. Creating my dream tech blog with GatsbyJS

    Date Published July 7th, 2020  Reading Time 7 Minutes

    Gatsby JS

    I'm someone who's always had my own tech blog, I've gone through two revisions already with the last revision updating out of a 1997 style book. How much I contribute to the blog has always depended on how much friction and effort it takes to write content, manage and upload photos and paste in code…

    1. contentful
    2. disqus
    3. google-analytics
    4. blog
    5. react
    6. graphql
  11. Making a Azure poison queue Slack notifier

    Date Published September 22nd, 2017  Reading Time 6 Minutes

    Azure Poison Queues Monitoring

    I'm currently working at a place were we are using queue triggered Webjobs to handle the sending of messages like email and SMS (using Send Grid and Twilio). Using a queue based system for this is great because it allows us to replay any queue messages, should one of the 3rd party's (or our code…

    1. azure
    2. poison queue
    3. monitoring
    4. slack
    5. azure-queues
  12. Fix poor project structure with Convention Based Programming

    Date Published August 19th, 2017  Reading Time 5 Minutes

    Contention Based Programming

    Having looked at a number of projects in my lifetime, I always come across classes named something like "CustomerService" with similar variations (usually in the same project calling each other) ranging from "CustomerProvider / Helper /Manager / Store / etc...". There are two hard things in computer…

    1. convention
    2. unit-test
    3. project-structure
  13. Splitting NUnit Unit Tests With TeamCity To Decrease CI Time

    Date Published March 31st, 2017  Reading Time 2 Minutes

    Unit Test Traffic Light

    This is a quick guide on how to split unit tests into different categories to decrease the time it takes for your CI build to run. The categories can be used to distinguish different areas of your tests to break down the CI Builds (typically used to run different categories in parallel) or to…

    1. nunit
    2. unit-tests
    3. continuous-integration
    4. ci
    5. teamcity