Hi I'm Faesel Saeed, a full-stack developer, team lead & mentor.

I am a software developer with a strong passion for technology and all things new. I specialise in delivering web-based & enterprise solutions and love new challenges. I take great pride in keeping up to date with current development practices and instilling them within my working environment.

Faesel Saeed

My projects...

Az Lazy

Az-Lazy - The go-to CLI for Azure storage

Check out my CLI tool Az-Lazy, it provides a command line interface to quickly manage and make changes to azure storage queues, blobs and tables. The inspiration for this project was to move away from using Azure Storage Manager and provide a faster CLI experience for developers.

Gatsby tech blog starter template

Checkout my tech blog template built with Gatsby, Contentful and Disqus. Its free to use for anyone this includes all costs aside from a custom domain (which is optional), and really easy to configure.

Gatsby Project Starter Template

What I do...

Backend Development

A backend developer of 10 Years + experience, server side development has always been the backbone of my experience. With the spectrum of responsibilities now widened by the Dev-Ops movement, creating infrastructure as code has widened my scope and interest in the field.

Front End Development

Ive always found the fast moving pase of front-end technology fascinating. As library's have started to mature I have begun to invest more time working on library's within the React echo system. And lets not forget the black magic that is CSS.

Tech Lead

Throughout my career ive had multiple opportunities building and refining teams as well as company culture. I have always considered training up a apprentice developer to a well respected engineer as one of my greatest achievements.

Blog Writer

Sometimes this content is more for myself to remember some of the harder challenges I have faced, but I also hope this content can be of use to someone else.

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