Birth of an idea

Birth of an idea

As a developer who has the knowledge to craft an idea into reality, our kind are always the last to come up with a deaccent website to make us rich (let's face it that’s the dream right!). Perhaps it's down to us being too technically focused, tunnel versioned individuals who fail to see the solutions to the mundane problems people face on a day to day basis. I think it's the perception of it being difficult.

Creating an idea is never as straight forward as it first seems. Some consider it as an art form, a practice that requires intuition, luck, experimentation and perhaps a slightly out the box crack pot thinking. For me an image of Dr. Emmet Brown from the movie "Back to the Future" always comes to mind, as he invented the Flux Capacitor when the slipped in the bathroom and hit his head on the sink.

Having thought about it I feel an idea does not necessarily need to be unique, nor does it need to be new. Eventually it all boils down to four technique's.

  • Ideas can already exist, just need a different perspective.
  • Fusing two ideas together
  • Do something better that already exists
  • Do something unique (only for the truly enlightened individual)


Following these four techniques however is only part of the story, the next part if perhaps more crucial, "failing fast". Most of the ideas created are not going to be great, this is why we need to test out the concept as fast as possible (using the lean philosophy). The quicker we can figure out an idea doesn’t work the quicker we can get back to the initial stage of creating an idea.

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. - Robin WIlliams

Tip - The first idea I created was tested out using one of Reddit's subreddit, I posted my idea into the relevant group to garner feedback. With the huge user base I managed to  work out that there had been a previous failed attempt, some people were interested, other not so much.  Be sure to take this feedback with a pinch of salt, it might not be reflective of the user base you are targeting, but it’s a good starting point.

Having gone through the above process I decided to create a social media website that incorporates religion into the fold. The site will help bring together people, scholars of a certain religion (along with research material) and institutions. I'm fusing what already exists!

Considering 84% of the world follows some sort of religion, the protentional user base is huge, and let's face it everyone's on some sort of social media site. The sites intention is to promote discussion and being together the people who have theological knowledge with those that don’t. Currently this process exists (and has existed for some time) but in a fashion that has lasted for centuries, i.e. going out to a religious institution in person.

As a final note I wanted to share some crazy ideas that have actually worked in the past, anyone remember the million dollar homepage?