Why a good computer matters to a developer?

Why a good computer matters to a developer?

Recently I have been grinding away on my work Laptop that’s roughly 3 years old! It’s served me faithfully with its I5 processor and recently upgraded (4 to 8) gig ram. However as the updates pile on I’m finding its load times continually increase with every month that passes by. This got me questioning what the effect is in terms of productivity throughout the year so I decided to do some OCD math.

Types of slowness per day: 

Opening a program – Load Time:  15 Seconds

Closing programs due to low memory – 1 Minute

Computer died – 6 Minutes Build Time/Opening solution – 10 Seconds

Total : 7 Minutes and 25 Seconds (445 Seconds) per day (lets say we get one a day on average).

Cost of slowness

365 days a year * 445 total seconds = 162425 seconds in a year

(162425 / 60 ) / 60 = 45 Hours of wasted time

For a senior developer (50k salary) that works 8 hours a day

45 Hours / 8 working Hours = 5.6 days ( 50,000 salary / 365 days in a year ) * 5.6 lost days = £767 down the toilet + loss of productivity and a degradation of mentality!

Moral of the story, always invest in the long term.

Perhaps we should create a minisite to to calculate this, print it out and forward the email string away to the manager.